Tirta Sudamala Temple

Tirta sudamala one of the holy places in bali, and the place of tourism also, from the belief of the Hindu hindu tirta sudemale place to clean oneself, which is called "Melukat".

Sumur Çakti Temple

Pura Sakti Pejarakan is located in Pejarakan village, Gerokgak sub-district, Buleleng district. This temple is located in the West Bali National Park area. Many Hindus come to this temple to pray.

In this temple there are several shrines of worship, namely Bhatara Vishnu, Dewi Kwan Im, Bhatari Ardanareshwari and this temple is a stopover for Dang Hyang Nirartha and there is an old well in the same area.

Ponjok Batu Temple

Come with me and experience a wonderful ritual where you will be cleansed by a Balinese priest by the sea. This is an experience that you will carry in your heart for the rest of your life.

The ritual serves you to let go of negative energy while receiving new positive power and protection from the universe. It is the blessing of the gods that will protect you henceforth.

This ritual will usually take place early in the morning or in the afternoon. After the cleansing at the sea, prayers are prayed in the temple. These prayers bring divine blessing and protection for your further (life) journey.

Buddhist Temple

Visit a Buddhist temple in the North of Bali and find yourself on your peaceful meditations from top of the northern hill of Bali.

Gedong Kirtya

Gedong Kirtya Library is a library built in 1928 by the Dutch in Singaraja, Bali, which at that time served as the capital of small Sunda. The name of this building means to try in Sanskrit.

This building is located in the Sasana Budaya complex, which is the old palace of the Buleleng kingdom. In this library there is a collection of palm leaf manuscripts, inscriptions, paper manuscripts in Balinese and Roman characters including documents from the colonial era (1901-1953)

Singaraja Kingdom (Puri Agung Singaraja)

The Royal Palace Singaraja, often referred to as Puri Agung or Puri Gede, was built by King Ki Gusti Anglurah Pandji Sakti on March 30, 1604. This was the beginning of the Buleleng Kingdom.

Historically, Radja Ki Gusti Anglurah Pandji Sakti once ruled from Java to Indonesian Timor. Although without political power at this time, the royal family and their palaces are an important part of North Bali's rich, cultural heritage.

Palm Leave Reading

Our Brahmin high priest is well known throughout Bali as a powerful officiator of traditional ceremonies. He also has great knowledge of the ancient palm-leaf scripts, particularly those used to offer guidance on one's life. The Brahmin priest will ask you your precise time and place of birth and also the spelling of your name. He will then use the ancient texts to deliver a very personalized horoscope reading. The many traditional Balinese symbols in your horoscope will be given a modern day interpretation by Wayan Kasta who has also worked intensively with these scripts. Similar to knowing one's star sign, one will be told one's flower, bird, tree, etc with its interpretation. Past lives, present life tendencies and future will all be covered. Questions can be asked of the Brahmin priest. Sometimes, a karma cleansing ceremony will be recommended to release unwanted blocks. This will be performed by the Brahmin priest.

Goa Giri Putri

Goa Giri Putri, a place of pilgrimage for the Balinese. The temple of Goa Giri Putri is located inside an impressive cave. It is indeed the biggest cave of Nusa Penida island.

Many Balinese make the trip from Bali to Nusa Penida specifically to follow the complete course of purification which includes five stations inside the cave, in addition to the initial ceremony before entering the cave.

Balinese also come because the water flowing from the spring in Goa Giri Putri Temple is holy water. It contains natural strength that can cure the disease.

Griya Bali Surga

All journeys will begin at and end at Griya Bali Surga, a beautiful retreat villa in the north of Bali. We are offering our guests 4-star boutique accomodation and spa treatments - with the opportunity for retreat leaders to rent the space for their group events.
Griya Bali Surga translated from Balinese means ‘Heavenly Home in Bali’ – and yes, Griya Bali Surga is a truly heavenly and heart-opening space to enter and experience!
Whether you are a yoga or meditation teacher, personal development coach, writer, artist, dancer, musician or just seek to be uniquely inspired, Griya Bali Surga has been designed to fulfill your needs for privacy, beauty, intimacy, relaxation, nature, nourishment, comfort and a truly romantic outlook.


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